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Server 61 Down
Posted by Jorge Catena on 25 November 2014 04:18 AM

Seems like the problem of the past week (on where the server were powered off without a proper shutdown by the datacenter), was still affecting Server 61, today the server was rebooted but didn't came back, we are activelly working in order of get this fixed ASAP. We extremelly sorry for all the problems that this is causing to you, but please DO NOT open a help desk ticket nor request chat about this, or asking for updates, we are going to do it here, opening a ticket it's going to slow down us in the whole process.


Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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Servers 29, 59 and 61 down
Posted by Jorge Catena on 14 November 2014 07:07 PM


Today there was a power failure on the facility on where this servers are located, server 61 didn't came back since then, it's throwing a Kernel Panic error, on where we are working now, Server 59 came back, but now is down again, we are still checking what's the problem, and server 29 didn't came back after a reboot.

We appreciate your patience on this matter, please DO NOT open a help desk ticket or request chat, we are fully aware of the issue and working as fast as possible in order of bring everything back.


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IP being DDOSed (Server 60)
Posted by Jorge Catena on 02 November 2014 04:55 PM

The IP is being DDOSed at this moment, we were forced to nullroute it because it was affecting to the whole network performance. We will keep monitoring this every hour until the attack does end. Server 60 and sites on that IP are affected.

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EU1 and VPS EU1 Down
Posted by Jorge Catena on 13 October 2014 12:37 PM


We have bad news about this, the company from where we had those servers went out of business, we never got their notification about it, we are working with the main provider (since it seems like they were resellers), trying to bring our servers back. In the case of the shared accounts of EU1, we have backups of all the data (that's in the worst scenario case), unfortunately, we don't have it of the VPS nodes, that's why we are actively working trying to get the old servers back while we do the migration. We really sorry about this, but this is something that happened and that's beyond of our scope.

We are going to update this notice as soon as we get something new.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Update 1 12:48 PM EST: Old servers are just disconnected but the data is still there, we are trying to work with the datacenter in order of get them back online ASAP, unfortunately we can't give any kind of ETA since it does depend enterily of them.

Update 2 7:28 AM EST: We have bad news, the datacenter wont give us access to our data, we are getting servers in another datacenter and rebuilding the server.

Update 3: 8:20 AM EST Oct 15: Restore of the data of shared server EU1 has started.

Update 4: 20:10 PM EST Oct 15: Server data has been restored already in a 75%, if everything continue at this speed, sites should be back tonight late or first hours of tomorrow. New VPS server is up and running, unfortunately we don't have the data of the old one, however, we can start recreating them, please open a help desk ticket with your request and will been take care ASAP.

Update 5 0:50 AM EST Oct 16: Restore it's about the 80%, unfortunately is going slow on the last part.

Update 6 9:15 AM EST Oct 17: Everything has been restored, if you are still facing issues, please open a help desk ticket.

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Server 28 down
Posted by Jorge Catena on 20 August 2014 07:09 PM

We found the server unresponsive, after investigate a RAID hardware degradation has been found, we are working in order of bring it back as soon as possible without any data loss, we don't have any ETA yet. This post it's going to be updated whenever we get something new. Please do not open ticket nor request chat about it.

Update 1 16:34 PM EST: We lost 3 of the 4 HDD of the RAID; we are trying to recover the data from the RAID, otherwise, we will need to do it from the backup.

Update 2 17:26 PM EST: We have bad news, all the data has been lost, we are rebuilding the server at this moment, and after that we are going to proceed with the restore from our backup.

Update 3 21:11 PM EST: Restore has been started, we are already restoring /home, so far it's on the 1%.

Update 3: 23:38 PM EST: Restore of Home is on 2%, Mysql in 25%.

Update 4: 8:44 AM EST 08/21/2014: Restore of /home is on 23% mysql has been completelly restored.

Update 5 23:34 PM EST 08/21/2014: Home has been completely restored, we had to restore mysql again, that's what's being done, after that, everything should works fine.

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