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Emergency Maintenance Server 48
Posted by Jorge Catena on 07 August 2015 12:47 PM

We are forced to rebuild server 48 due a security issue that we found there, as soon as we finish with the last backup we are going to proceed with a complete format of the server and then with the restore.

We really sorry about the problems that this may cause to you but at this stage we have no more options.

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This is to remind you that as of the 11th May 2015, the Domain Privacy Protection Service / Paid Privacy became a chargeable service at a cost of $2.15 per domain per year. 

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Server 53 Migration
Posted by Jorge Catena on 30 May 2015 05:25 PM


On saturday 6th of June we are going to perform a hardware migration of server 53 to a new and better hardware but also on a different datacenter, for that reason IPs are going to change too. We don't expect any downtime, however, we recommend to not make updates of your site starting on that date. We are going to announce on this same announcement once the move has been completed. Resellers need to renumber the nameservers IPs to those that are going to get on the new welcome email that you are going to get (Disregard username/password there), if you are not using our nameserver please contact us at the end of sunday 7th to know the new IP to where you must point your domain/s.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding

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Server 34 move
Posted by Jorge Catena on 27 May 2015 08:38 PM


On June 6th we are going to move all the accounts on server 34 to a new server with SSD RAID on it, this will improve, even more, the server performance as part of the hardware upgrade that we are going to perform with all our servers. 
We don't expect any downtime, however, IPs are going to change, since we are moving to our own hardware on a different datacenter. Resellers are going to receive an email with the new IPs for their nameservers, please subscribe to the announcement section of our help desk to receive all the updates about the move.

If after announce that everything has been moved you (as a reseller) didn't got an email with the new IP please open a help desk ticket letting us know about that.

Best regards.

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Mysql Emergency maintenance (Server 50)
Posted by Jorge Catena on 20 May 2015 09:09 PM

We are working on the Mysql server on server 50, it should be back in about 15 minutes. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Update: Should be fine now, if you are facing any problem, please open a help desk ticket.

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