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PHP has many environmental variables that you are able to update as needed. For example, you may need to update your php memory_limit to prevent certain scripts from running out of memory. In order to change these values, you must first be able to see wha...
The US Nexus requirement specify that all registrants must fall into one of the following categories to register in the usTLD: 1) A NATURAL PERSON A) who is a United States Citizen (CATEGORY C11),or B) who is a permanent resident of the United S...
Currently we have the following limits set for accounts on shared hosting and semi-dedicated hosting: SHARED STARTER UNLIMITED CPU: 100% of 1 CPU Memory: 1 GB CoreI/O: 4.5Mb/s Max PHP Processes: 20 Total Max Processes: 40 Max Mysql Connections: 15 Ino...
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