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Payment Options

We accept payments by credit card, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal . If you pay by credit card, we will automatically charge your account for future payments based on the billing cycle you have selected, e.g. monthly, quarterly, semiannually and annually, until the account is terminated or until you notify us of a billing change request.

Invoice Schedule

We invoice each month effective the first of each month for all of our accounts, with the exception of special agreements through our acquisition contracts.


On Virtual Accounts, the first billing will be prorated. The prorated amount will be based on the date your account was activated. If you use our online signup form, your account will be activated within 15 minutes. You will receive an invoice for your first billing within a few hours and no later than 24 hours.

Account Activated Account Activated
On the 1st through the 15th On the 1st through the 15th
Prorate Calculated Prorate Calculated
From date of activation through the end of the current month From date of activation through the end of the next month

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