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Getting Started Guide For New Users

You agree to our Unlimited Policy by signing up with us. While others bury this information deep into TOS documents, we like to be upfront about it at the beginning of a long-lasting partnership. Here's everything you need to know about our Unlimited Policy.

Do you really offer "unlimited" disk space and bandwidth?

Yes, Down Town Host's unlimited web hosting plans allow your website to use as much disk space and bandwidth as it needs.

What is allowed?

Website files: You are allowed to store all types of files including images, audios and videos that are an integral part of your website. Data Transfer: You may serve your website to as many users as you can reach.

What is not allowed?

Backups: You are not allowed to use your account to store backups of your computer, smartphones, handheld devices, etc. Please use Dropbox, Apple, Google, etc. for storing backups of your devices.

Photo and Video backups: You are not allowed to store backups of photos and videos in your account. This service is also provided by Dropbox, Apple, Google, etc.

Shared account: You are not allowed to use your account to provide web hosting to your family or friends. To host websites for others, please upgrade to our Reseller Hosting plans.

File Sharing: You are not allowed to use your account for sharing any types of files.

Streaming: You are not allowed to host streaming content from your account.

What is the catch?

Server resources like CPU, RAM, etc. are shared with other websites in a shared web hosting environment. While your website may use unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth, it will have a generous yet limited access to server resources.

We offer easy upgrades in simple steps for fast growing websites that need access to dedicated resources. Please contact us to learn more about our VPS account and dedicated servers.

We hope to have answered all your questions about our Unlimited Policy. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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