Creating an email account in Netscape Communicator

  • 21/07/2007 10:42 PM

A step by step video tutorial for this process can be found in the Email section of  the Downtown  Host Tutorials area.

The following text  instructions can also be found in the Help area of the Netscape browser or mail program. To view these instructions as well as instructions on configuring your email account or adding additional email accounts from your  Mail and Newsgroups window, click Help, choose Help and Support.  Once the Help file comes up click on the Contects tab.  Under Contents choose Using Netscape Mail and then Getting Started with Netscape mail.

Christian Web Host specific information has been added in bold for your convenience.

To set up a new mail account in Netscape, begin from the Mail window:

   1. Open the Edit menu and choose Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings. You see the Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings dialog box.
  2. Click Add Account to start the Account Wizard.

      The information requested by the Account Wizard depends on the type of new account you specify in its first window. The boldface headings that follow correspond to the windows you'll see when you're setting up an ISP or email provider account.

   3. New Account Setup: Choose the type of account you want to set up, then click Next.

   4. Identity: Enter the name and email address appropriate for this account, then click Next.

   5. Server Information: Indicate whether you want a POP account or an IMAP account. Not all service providers can support both options. For more information, see Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings - Server Settings.

You must also provide the name of your incoming mail server and your outgoing (SMTP) server here. This is the name of the mail server that sends your messages (also known as the SMTP host).

( NOTE:  as the incoming and outgoing mail server details Christian Web Host customers will enter:  ""  replacing "" with your actual domain name.)

Click Next to continue.

Note: You need to specify only one outgoing mail server (SMTP), even if you have several mail accounts. The name of your SMTP host may not have been explicitly listed in the account setup information provided to you. For example, your SMTP host may be the same as your POP or IMAP host. If in doubt, contact your ISP or system administrator.

   6. User Name: Enter the user name provided by your ISP or email provider, then click Next. (the user name is the name before the @ in your email address)

   7. Account Name: Enter whatever name you want to use to refer to this account, then click Next.

   8. Congratulations! Verify that the information you entered is correct. If necessary, verify the information you entered with your ISP or system administrator.

When you are sure that it's correct, click Finish to set up your account.

   9. You see your new account listed in the left side of the Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings dialog box.

Click OK to start using your new account.

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