Creating an email account in Pegasus

  • 21/07/2007 10:43 PM

A step by step video tutorial for this process can be found in the Email section of  the Downtown  Host Tutorials area.

Start your Pegasus email program.

If you like you can enter your account set up information by toggeling through the different tabs.  However, if are running Pegasus for the first time  it is recommended that you use the setup wizard.

To use the wizard, click Start Setup Wizard.

Read the information on the following screen

Click Next.

Enter your email address,

Click Next.

Enter your POP3 server name.  Your POP3 server name  information was sent in your Christian Web Host Welcome Letter.  For ChristianWebHost customers the POP3, or incoming server name, is "mail." followed by your domain name ( for example:

Click NEXT

Enter you username or  full e-mail address for your USER NAME (ex.  You may also enter only the username which is the name or characters that come BEFORE the @ in your email address.

Enter your password in the PASSWORD box.

Click NEXT

Pegasus will warn you to double check whether you need the full email address or just the username.  

Click OK.

Enter your SMTP or outgoing server information. Your SMTP server is assigned by your provider, it is generally "mail" or "smtp"  followed by the domain name.   ChristianWebHost hosted email account users should enter -- replacing "" with your actual domain name.   However some ISPs require that you use their outgoing server for email. If this  is true of your ISP you will need to enter the SMTP information for your ISP.   

Click NEXT

Select your connection method

Click NEXT

Click FINISH  to save changes.

You are now ready to send and receive email through your Pegasus program.  To be sure it works send yourself a test email!

For additional information see the Help area of your Pegasus program or visit the Pegasus website:

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