Creating an email account in Thunderbird

  • 21/07/2007 10:43 PM

Open the Thurderbird email program.

From the menu go to Tools, choose Account Settings

In the lower left column click on "Add Account".  This will open the Account Wizard.

Choose "Email" as the account type.

Click Next

In the Your Name box enter your name as it will appear in outgoing email

In the Email Address box enter your email address

Click Next

Choose "POP" as server type.

Your  hosting account email server for incoming email will be "" (replacing with your actual domain name). This information was provided in your Welcome Letter.

Click Next.

Enter your username.  Typically this will  your entire email address --  this depends on your server configuration, refer to your Welcome Letter for this information.

Click Next.

Give your email account a name.  This can be anything you like, it is for your reference only when working in the email program.

Click Next.

Review the settings.  Click Finish.

The last thing you need to do is configure your SMTP / Outgoing server details. In the left column click on Outoing Server (SMTP).

In the Outgoing Server settings enter your server name as given in your Welcome Letter, this should be (replacing with your actual domain name).  

Note:  some people use their ISP server for outgoing mail.  If you will be using your ISP server for outgoing mail you will need to enter the server name  provided by your ISP (the same as used in your ISP email account)  The ISP outgoing email server name is typically somehing like "

Be sure the "Use name and password" box is checked.  In the username area enter your username or full email address as you entered it earlier in the email account setup, again -- refer to your Welcome Letter for this information.

Click OK. 

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