Creating an email address in your control panel

  • 21/07/2007 10:44 PM

A step by step video tutorial for this process can be found in the Email section of  the Downtown  Host Tutorials area

replace yourdomain with your actual domain name)

1. Click on the icon within your control panel that says "Mail Manager"
2. Click on the button that says "Add" on the left column
3. On the right side where it says "New Mailbox" put the name you want before the @ symbol in your email address in the first box. 

-- For instance, if you have the domain "" and you place "user" (without the quotes) in this first box, your email address will be

4. Click within the next box underneath the username box or hit your tab button.  Type in what you want your password to this email address to be.  Confirm that password in the next box.

5.  Click the "Add" button

You have successfully added your first email account to your domain!  If you are wanting to use that email address as a POP account (where you can check it with your email program) you need to proceed to the articles on each individual email program that we have here or you can view the video demos we have located within our Demo Center.


If you need to forward your email address to another existing email address outside your domain,  on the next screen you will need to click where it says "click here to edit user "

There are many options you can choose in that next screen.   If you do NOT want  to download email sent to this email address, take the check out of the top box.  If you want it to forward to another email address, you will need to choose the appropriate boxes underneath.

We do not encourage the use of auto responders.  They can lead to problems with spam blockers. 

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