How can I have my existing domain name hosted by DowntownHost?


If you are willing to transfer your domain name to Downtown Host's Registrar, you can do that from your Customer's area. The Domain transfer costs $15 one-time fee and includes 1 year of free domain registration. Please note that if your domain was renewed less than 45 days before you requested the transfer, you will NOT get 1 year of free registration added.

In order to transfer successfully a domain name there are 4 things you should have in mind:

1.We recommend that there are more than 30 days left before the expiration of your domain. If there is less time left, there is high risk that the domain will not be transferred before expiration. If your domain is in transfer status at the time of its expiration, you will not be able to renew it and you might have troubles with your domain ownership.

2.Your domain should be active – not locked by your Registrar for transfer. If the domain is locked, you should contact your Registrar first and ask them to unlock the domain.

3.You should know the EPP code of your domain. This code verifies you as the owner of the domains with .biz, .org, .info and .us extensions. If you do not know that code, you should ask your Registrar to give it to you.

4.You should have access to the email provided as administrative contact when registering the domain. For .net and .com domains you will have to confirm the transfer of the domain via that email.

Please note that a DNS change will be as effective as a domain transfer, and in both cases you will experience no downtime. If your previous Registrar has given you access to the control panel for your domain name, you can simply change the DNS settings to the ones found in the Support section of your Customer's Area.

In case you do not have such a control panel, please contact your Domain Registrar and request the DNS change.

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