How to run the trace route command in Windows


Open up Windows run dialog box
A) Click the Windows "Start" button
B) Click the "Run" option

 Open Windows Command prompt
A) Type "cmd" in the open box
B) Click the "OK" button

 Run the "tracert" command
A) Type "tracert YOURDOMAINHERE"
B) Press the enter key to run the commmand

 Repeat the process atleast three times
Press the up arrow key and press the enter key again. This will allow you to run the same command again without having to type it in again. Run this command atleast three times in total; four or five would be ideal.

Copy all the results
A) Right click in the black area and select "Select All"
B) Once everything is highlighted simply press the enter key to copy the results to the Windows clipboard to be pasted later

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