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Once your web site is complete, connect to your domainand select Save As... from the File menu. When the requestor pops-up, enter the page title in the place provided and carefully name the "Page Location" so that FrontPage Express places your page in the correct place on the internet.

Your user name is the same as your email name. Your user name also is part of your URL. For the page location part of this screen, you need to type in the following:


You can name your file anything, but if you want your main page to come up when you type in, the file needs to be name index.html. 

Once your click on "OK" FrontPage Express may ask you to confirm the location it will be saving any images related to your web page. The default name(s) chosen by FrontPage Express should be adequate unless your just want them to have a more mnemonic name, otherwise just click "Yes to All." 

Next, authenticate yourself as the account owner of the web account by entering your username and password in the appropriate places. If this is a process your will do often, check the "Save this password in your password list" option. Now click "OK."

If you have used the "Web Publishing Wizard" before, after clicking "OK" your site will be available for all to see at the URL you indicated in STEP 1. Congratulations! Otherwise, continue with STEP 4.

The "Web Publishing Wizard" is a relatively painless and brainless way to move your FrontPage Express documents to your website. Unfortunately, the wizard does not tolerate mistakes very well... Click on "Next" to continue.

You may be asked to authenticate yourself several times throughout the process, you know what to do...

You will be asked to specify a service provider (that's us) so click "Next" and continue.

DowntownHost allows its customers to upload files to its Web servers using the file transfer protocol (FTP). Select "FTP" from the next requestor to let the Web Publishing Wizard know that you want to use FTP for your website updates. Click on "Next" to continue.

Enter "YOURDOMAIN.COM" in the text box below "FTP server name" and "public_html" in the text box below "Subfolder containing your Web pages" to tell the Web Publishing Wizard where you want your files to be sent. Click "Next" to continue.

Verify that you want to publish your files to your website by clicking "Next" and your files will be uploaded to your site.

STEP 10:
You may be asked to verify your username and password. You know what to do...

STEP 11:
Wait as your files are transferred to the Internet Web server...

STEP 12:
The gratuitous "OK" message at the end of the last file transfer indicates a successful session. Congratulations!

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