What is Cloudlinux?


CloudLinux is a new Linux operating system that is optimized for web hosting,commercially supported and improves density and stability in multi-tenant environments. It is easy to deploy since it is interchangeable with the most popular RPM-based Linux distribution on the market (Red Hat EL and CentOS).

What's the benefit of using Cloudlinux?

• Resource isolation using LVE technology
• Increases density by improving stability and reliability of servers, which
allows you to double the number of shared hosting accounts on a server
• Improves stability by limiting the resources any site can use so that no
single account can slow or take down a whole server
• Protects server from poorly written scripts that drain resources for other
• Fully supported OS at a fraction of other commercial distributions
• Fast OS updates that are tested with major control panels
• Web portal to manage your servers easily and efficiently

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