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Register Nameservers

How to Register Nameservers

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After logging in to your account:

1. Click 'domain names' on the left menu.

2. Click 'register DNS' on the left menu.

3. If registering the nameservers for the first time use the 'Register a NameServer Name' section.

4. If you have previously registered nameservers for your domain, use the 'Update a NameServer IP' section.

5. Enter the information provided in the e-mail you would have received during your account setup procedure.

6. This information is under the 'Nameservers' section and has two values in the following format:

7. - IP address (1111.1111.1111.1111)

8. - IP address (2222.2222.2222.2222)


Log in to your OpenSRS account.

In the Manage Name Servers section, and at the bottom of the page, you will see a link: "If you want to create or modify a name server which is based on {your domain} click here."

Here you can register a name server based on the domain. All name servers must have an unique IP and must be set-up and running for at least 24 hours before you register them here. Type the prefix for your name server and its IP address and click Create Name Server. We suggest that you do not use the prefix "www" as this may cause a problem with your web server lookups. Use the nameservers exactly as issued to you by, Inc

The most common error when setting up a newnameserver is: "Unable to create nameserver: Registry error, nameserver creation failed [Attribute value not unique]" This means that the IP address you entered is already taken. You may either find another IP or delete the existing nameserver host record.

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You must have your domain registered with BulkRegister in order to set up name servers for that domain. There is no cost to register name servers.

To create name servers using your domain name you must use the web interface.

1. Click on "List Domains"

2. From the list, click on the domain you want to create the name servers for. An example would be: if you wish to create and, you would find "" in your list of domains and click on it.

3. Click on the option, "Manage Name Servers"

4. Click on the option, "To create child name servers of this domain, click here."

5. Add the prefix you wish to use for that name server (the prefix, i.e. ns1, ns2), (the suffix, i.e. .com, .net, .org does not have to be included since it is already listed). The prefix is placed in the left hand box. Note that the prefixes must be entered exactly as supplied by

6. Enter the corresponding IP address in the right hand box. This is the IP address that your nameserver software is/will be installed on.

7. Click on "Create Name Servers"

8. Verify that all changes are correct and click on "Confirm"

When creating name servers, the IP address in use has to be valid and can be supplied by a hosting company.

Melbourne IT

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Nameservers where the parent domain has been registered through Melbourne IT. In this case, the nameservers can only be registered / modified through Melbourne IT and a unique IP address is required.

Example Domain Name: INWW.COM A domain name registered through Melbourne IT

Example Hostname : NS1.INWW.COM IP Address :

To request register a Nameserver in this class:

1. Go to

2. Click the DOMAINS tab at the top Right corner of your screen.

3. Now click the MAKE CHANGES menu option. The Domain Management page is displayed.

4. Enter your domain name and Registry Key as appropriate. If you have lost the Registry Key click on Lost Registry Key recovery, enter the domain name in the text box provided and click Resend Key.

5. Click Enter Management. A list of domain name management links is displayed.

6. Click the Name Server Functions link.

7. Enter the Host Name and IP Address as appropriate and click Add. On success the message "Added " is displayed.

The new name server is added to the Current Name Servers list. Click the Main Menu link to return to the Main Menu or click Logout to end your domain management session.

Network solutions

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Your nameservers servers will be in the format of (with a corresponding IP address for each nameserver):



To register your nameservers log on to your account with network solutions and complete the 'Host registration form', following the instructions. We have also included some helpful instructions below:

How to fill out the Network Solutions form

Here is a quick guide to registering your nameservers. You need to fill the form twice (once per nameserver)

General Information
Enter your e-mail address
Select the "NEW" option

Host Information Host NIC Handle:
(leave blank, since you don't have one yet)
Host Name:
Enter the nameserver you are registering (in the format of NS1.YOURNAME.COM)
IP Address:
Enter the IP address we assigned to you for that nameserver

Contact Information Enter your NIC handle. If you don't know your NIC handle, you can get this by doing a WHOIS lookup of your main domain name. Or, you can create a new contact record by leaving the 'NIC Handle' field blank and filling out the rest of the form.

Host Form Authorization Information Select your preferred Authentication Method, and then press the "Generate Host Form" at the bottom of the page. You will then be presented with a completed Host Template. Press the button at the bottom of the page, "Mail this Host Form to me" and a copy will be e-mailed to you. YOU MUST now check your e-mail, and send the form back to Network Solutions for processing (just reply to their e-mail to send them back the template) Do not forget to send them back the form! Otherwise they will not process your registration. Now do the same for your secondary DNS server. Once your DNS servers have been registered, you can use them when you register new Domain Names, and you can modify your existing Domain Name records and change the DNS servers to your own.

Go Daddy

Log in

Go to the Go Daddy Home Page

Click the "My Account" link on the upper left.

Login using your login name or customer number and password

Click the link labeled,

"Domain List"

in the GOTO section

If you have trouble logging in, the Password Retrieval Form may help you:


1. Click on the domain that you wish to use for your name servers

2. Locate 'Domain Host Information' at the bottom.

3. Use the link named 'click here to add'

4. Enter the first name server with its IP

5. Click 'Register Name Server'

6. Enter the second name server with its IP

7. Click 'Register Name Server'

8. Allow two days for the name servers to be registered

The reason for the delay is complex, but has to do with the fact that there are several networks that whose records must be updated in order for your name servers to be recognized. As they are administered by different agencies this takes time. Within 48 hours, you should be able to use your new name servers.

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