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Getting Started Guide For New Users

Getting Started Guide - for new resellers

Once your reseller plan order is received, we begin work on setting up your new reseller plan. We start by creating a web hosting account for you... this will be your main account. This account is what most resellers use for their "Web Hosting" website, where they offer their web hosting plans for sale (but you don't have to... you can create a new hosting account for that if you wish).

Your main account will have it's own Control Panel (CPanel), just like all the other web hosting accounts you'll create for your customers. However, the difference between your main account and all the other accounts, as that your main account will be given Reseller Privileges.

We'll then create a custom WebHost Manager (WHM) interface for you, which is what you'll use to manage your web hosting business: create hosting accounts, set storage space and bandwidth limits, suspend/unsuspend accounts, and much more. Once all this is done (typically within a few hours of us receiving your order), we'll send you a welcome email that will contain all the information you'll need to get started (username, password, etc). The following steps detail exactly what you should do once you receive your welcome email.

STEP 1 - Register your "Private Label" Nameserver IPs

If you've chosen to have private nameservers for your reseller plan, you should immediately register these new nameservers with their corresponding IP addresses with your domain name registrar. The IP addresses will have been assigned to your new nameservers in your welcome email, and setup on our server.... but you still have to register them with your registrar.

If you registered your domain name with us, then you can ignore this step; we will take care of registering your nameserver IPs for you. Otherwise, you'll have to go to your registrar, and do it through them. Once the nameserver IPs are registered, it will take 24-72 hours for them to propagate (just like domain names), after which time you'll be able to update domain name registrations with your new nameservers.

NOTE: At this time you can also update your main account's DNS settings so that it points to your private nameservers.... but it is not necessary to do so. Your domain name will work the same either with our nameservers, or your new custom nameservers.

STEP 2 - Setup your Main Account

We'll actually have already added this account through your WebHost Manager, so you will not have to do that. Instead, you'll want to login to your main account's control panel to setup your email addresses, etc. For more information on setting up your main account, consult our Getting Started Guide for new hosting accounts. Your main account is actually no different than any other account you'll setup in your WebHost Manager.... except for two things:

1. We've setup private nameservers for your main account's domain name, by editing it's DNS zone files.

2. The username and password for your main account are the same as for your WebHost Manager.

STEP 3 - Login to your WebHost Manager (WHM)

You can actually login to your WebHost Manager prior to setting up your domain name and nameservers, but it's good to get your domains setup properly right away.... because of the 24-72 hours it takes for those changes to take effect.

To access your WebHost Manager interface, enter:

or prior to domain (DNS) propagation, enter:


(where would be for example,; see your welcome email for the IP address you should use).

... then enter your username and password (which are given to you in your welcome email, and are the same username and password as for logging into your main account's CPanel).

Once logged in, take a look around and start getting used to all the different functions available to you.

STEP 4 - Setup your Packages

At some point you'll want to decide exactly what you want to provide in the web hosting plans you want to sell. You'll have to decide things like:

1. How much storage space and bandwidth to allow each account.

2. How many email accounts to allow each account.

3. How many FTP accounts, Parked domains, Subdomains, Addon domains, and MySQLs to allow each account.

4. How much you're going to sell your web hosting accounts for.

Once you've decided all these factors, you should login to your WebHost Manager and setup Packages. Packages make creating new web hosting accounts much easier and quicker, because you're essentially pre-defining all the above variables, so that you only have to choose a package name when creating an account. More information about creating Packages can be found in our WebHost Manager Tutorials Page.


After completing the above steps, you will have setup your custom nameservers, setup your main account, and created your web hosting packages that you are going to sell in your new web hosting business. Now all you have to do is actually setup your online hosting business, and start selling!

If you have any further questions, or if anything is unclear, please consult our Technical Support page. There you can view our support tutorials, send support issues to our support staff, and learn more about your WebHost Manager and CPanel.

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